The virtual public square may be down for now, but we will be back. Watch the video below to see what we're about and where we were before the hackers forced us to temporarily close the virtual public square.

Want to help us out by joining the team?

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It’s been a tough journey for Only Honest but we still fully believe in the project and our goal of giving a voice back to the citizens of the United States, despite being repeatedly targeted by hackers and having to take our public square down to protect our users. 

If you’re interested in joining our team as the programmer/developer/designer and all around tech guru to help us rebuild our site in a way that we’re safe from hackers while still providing a public square for our users to voice their opinions, please drop us a line at info(at)onlyhonest(dot)com.

We’re only looking for a permanent team member interested in becoming a partner and taking equity in the company as the only payment. If you won’t work for equity, please don’t contact us.